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Mayor Hales Vows Last Thursday Event Will Continue

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales says Last Thursday events will continue tonight, in spite of a dispute with the event’s volunteer board.

The monthly arts celebration in North Portland’s Alberta Arts neighborhood has been under fire. It’s so popular that the city says crowds sometimes swell beyond what neighborhood infrastructure can deal with.

A shortage of parking and restrooms, combined with occasional security problems prompted the city to step in to suggest tighter rules.

The volunteer organizers quit in protest this week.

Last Thursday crowd on Alberta St. in Portland

Last Thursday crowd on Alberta St. in Portland

Alex Johnson/OPB

Hales said Wednesday there’s no intention to end the event.

“Last Thursday’s going to happen. It will go on until ten o’clock just as it has. We will re-open the street to traffic, and make sure the party calms down enough that people who live nearby get to sleep.”

But Hales says, in the future, someone’s going to have to step up and form a new volunteer board to handle city permits and other management issues.

He says he’s not aware of any new volunteers, but the city will ask some community members to help if no one else comes forward.

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