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Gov. McCall's Progressive Mark Still Etched On Oregon

One-hundred years ago today, an iconic Oregon leader and a force for progressive politics in the state was born.

Tom McCall was born in Massachusetts in March of 1913, but he split his formative years between the East Coast and his family ranch in Central Oregon.

He pointed out that East-West split when it came to the idea of progressivism.

“Woodrow Wilson - then Governor of New Jersey - told his Legislature in 1911, ‘I think the direction in which Oregon is going is the direction we should follow.’  He stood in downtown Portland the same year, and he said, ‘I count myself intensely progressive when I’m in the East.  But when I’m in Oregon, I’m not sure.’” McCall once said.

McCall championed a number of progressive laws during his two terms as Oregon Governor, most famously the Bottle Bill, and new land use regulations.

OPB’s Geoff Norcross spoke with Jim Moore.  He’s a political science professor, and the Director of the Tom McCall Center for Public Policy at Pacific University.

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