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Medford Police Arrest Horizon Passenger After Flight Disturbance

Authorities in Jackson County say a Central Point woman was arrested after flight attendants reported a disturbance on a flight.

The Medford Mail Tribune reported Tuesday she was on a Horizon Air flight from Seattle on Saturday evening.

The Medford police said flight attendants called for help with a passenger who was apparently drunk, using her cellphone while the plane was aloft, screaming profanely, and, as the plane approached the airport, refusing to stow the tray table in the upright, locked position.

After she was handcuffed, police said, she kicked one officer in the chest and spat on two others.

Police said they booked 32-year-old Melisa Lynn Levario on charges of attempting to assault an officer, harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


Information from: Mail Tribune,


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