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Medical Teams International Sends Supplies To Georgia

Portland-based “Medical Teams International” will send out supplies this week to help displaced people in the former Soviet Republic Georgia. The non-profit agency will ship medicine and other basic medical supplies, from antibiotics and pain killers to syringes and gowns.

David Beltz is the director of the commodities supply group within Medical Teams International. He says it’s been a long time since the organization last sent help to the country.

David Beltz: “In the 1990s our agency did ship several shipments of humanitarian aid into Georgia to other non-governmental organizations. This will be the first response that has been requested for Georgia during the new millennium."

Beltz says the medicine and equipment in the shipment is worth a $100,000. The agency is not sure yet whether volunteer staff will go to Georgia, too.

Portland-based Mercy Corp has also stepped up its aid to Georgia since the latest conflict arose.

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