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Memorial Coliseum Headed to National Register

The Portland sports arena that was recently threatened with demolition is on its way to being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Rob Manning reports.

With a month left for city to find a new home in Portland for the minor-league Beavers' baseball team, supporters probably can't re-consider using the Memorial Coliseum site.

Oregon's historic preservation panel has nominated the 49 year-old, city-owned Coliseum for the national register.  Such nominations are rarely rejected at the national level.

Architect, Peter Meijer filed the proposal when demolition looked imminent.

Peter Meijer: “Most importantly, we wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a subjective decision happening at the whim of the mayor’s office.”

City leaders had shelved demolition plans, but the Trail Blazers have also considered making big changes. Attempts to demolish, or substantially change nationally-listed properties are subject to stringent criteria.

Meijer says the listing will help economically, by opening up new tax credits.

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