In a letter to the state Tuesday, July 11, Microsoft said that it plans to close its Wilsonville plant, starting with the elimination of 61 jobs Sept. 8 and an additional 63 layoffs in the following months.

It was reported last week that Microsoft had decided to reorganize and restructure operations as part of plans to eliminate 3,000 jobs throughout its global operations, with intentions to increase focus on cloud computing.

The first round of layoffs will notably include six senior electrical engineers, six senior hardware engineers, five electrical engineers and five senior mechanical engineers. The second round of layoffs, which Microsoft said will take place sometime between November and Jan. 5, will include 11 manufacturing technicians, 10 manufacturing line leaders and five senior hardware engineers.

Microsoft said in the letter that some Wilsonville-based employees will be retained after Jan. 5 to oversee the closing of the Wilsonville plant.

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