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Missing Gresham Woman's Smart Phone Found

Police looking for missing Gresham woman Whitney Heichel, say her smart phone has been found. Authorities hope to mine it for data.

Lieutenant Claudio Grandjean of the Gresham Police Department

Lieutenant Claudio Grandjean of the Gresham Police Department

Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB

Heichel has been missing since Tuesday. She left her apartment at 6:45 in the morning.

Her commute to a nearby Starbucks is only about five minutes, but she didn’t arrive.

Lieutenant Claudio Grandjean of the Gresham Police Department, says the phone was found by kids playing in a field close to the Troutdale Terrace Apartments Thursday evening.

“We can do DNA analysis, finger prints. The phone is a smart phone so there’s data to be gathered from the phone and it’ll also tell us who’s handled that phone and where the phone has been.”

Grandjean says the phone also gives them a new area to search.

Heichel’s ATM card was used by someone at a local gas station at about 9:15 on the morning she went missing.

Then her white Explorer truck was found in the park lot of the Wood Village Walmart.

Police say they don’t have any people of interest. They’re asking anyone with information to call the Gresham Police Department.

No detail, they say, is too small.

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