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More Details Emerge About Clackamas Shooter

More details are emerging about the man police say opened fire in Clackamas Town Center Tuesday.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts says although Jacob Roberts is dead, police are still following-up on tips about his state of mind. For example, by talking to his family and friends. Roberts says officers are looking for information that might be helpful to others in their field. 

Roberts said, “Is there anything that can benefit other law enforcement agencies around the country? We have learned from these other tragic situations that have happened.”

Roberts says also they’re looking into the history of the rifle that was used. Jacob Roberts is said to have stolen it from someone he knew. Gavin Dixon went to middle and high school with Roberts. Dixon says he last talked to him a couple of weeks ago and didn’t see any signs of anger. 

Dixon said, “Jake had a very contagious laugh. Always hilarious. Always laughing, always joking. Always joking. A very happy-go-lucky guy. A guy you’d want to be around.”

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