More freezing rain Monday evening and into Tuesday could coat the Portland metro area as well as portions of southwest Washington, according to the National Weather Service.

Cooler air from the east blowing through the Columbia River Gorge is expected to keep the Portland area around or below freezing. Rain is expected in the southern parts of the Willamette Valley.

Gerald Macke, with the National Weather Service in Portland, said Tuesday morning could look similar to Monday.

“Maybe not quite as bad, but yes, we do expect to have areas of freezing rain in the Portland metro area tomorrow morning,” Macke said. “It will probably warm up a little bit earlier, but still noon or so before we really get much above freezing.”

Crews are working to clear roadways of ice around Portland.

The Oregon Department of Transportation said crews pretreated highways ahead of Sunday night’s storm with an anti-ice chemical and sand.

For the most part that’s helping keep freeways clear of ice. But the agency cautions drivers that bridges and off-ramps remain slick, as do neighborhood streets and sidewalks.

“We are going to continue to monitor the situation and we are going to be out there again tonight treating the road for whatever nature throws at us,” said Kimberly Dinwiddie, a spokeswoman with ODOT.

Eugene saw about a half inch of snow Sunday while southwest Washington and the Portland metro area saw closer to an inch.

The National Weather Service’s Macke said warmer weather is forecasted for later this week.