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More Meters Coming To Solve NW Portland Parking Problems

It would be more expensive to park ­ but possibly easier to find a parking place ­ under a plan for Northwest Portland rolled out Friday at City Hall.

The plan would add parking meters to more than 40 city blocks on and around Northwest 23rd Avenue ­ one of the toughest places to find parking in the city.

It would add signs to dozens more blocks in the surrounding area. Parking would be limited to three hours, for the most part, though residents could obtain permits exempting them from most of the new limits.

Supporters of the plan include the Northwest District Association, city commissioner Amanda Fritz, and outgoing Mayor Sam Adams.

“It’s time we put the parking wars to rest, and we allow this great part of Portland, Northwest Portland, to use the energy expended on fighting the parking wars to now work on the betterment of their neighborhood,” Adams said.

The local Nob Hill Business Association opposes the plan. In an email, it said the proposal would add costs to their customers, and would put businesses at a disadvantage with competing shopping areas.

If city council approves the plan, signs could go up within a few months. Meters might take 12 to 18 months.