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More NW Red Cross Volunteers Head East

Six Red Cross vehicles from around the region are heading east to help relief work in New York and New Jersey for food distribution and other tasks.

Adele and Ted Pelletier are taking a vehicle based in Bend.

Others will drive from Tillamook, Portland, Salem Eugene, and Southwest Washington. Adele Pelletier says they never know what it’s going to be like when they get to a flood zone. Some victims will need help with food and shelter. But there are other needs.

“When somebody’s entire life is piled up on the curb, waiting for the garbage truck to come and take their bowling trophy, their high school diplomas, their childhood toys. We just listen to their stories,” she says. “Which is worth a lot.”

The Pelletiers and others will drive the vehicles across the country over four days. The vehicles, with their mobile kitchen equipment, are needed as much, if not more than volunteers.

The organization already sent 16 volunteers back east earlier in the week.

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