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Mudslide Closes Highway 30 Near Clatskanie

A huge mudslide closed Highway 30 Tuesday, five miles west of Clatskanie.  The slide occurred after debris in a creek collected behind a railroad bridge.

Some homes were damaged when the debris broke free and streamed down the hillside.

ODOT spokesman Mike Mason said he couldn’t even speculate how long it will take to clear the mud and debris from the road.

Mike Mason:  "Since the material has come down on to the highway, we don’t want to send people in to start clearing it away right away without a good assessment that the hillside is stable."

Mason says the mud is six feet deep in some places on Highway 30.

No one was hurt, in part because the Oregon Department of Forestry warned transportation officials that a mudslide could be imminent.  ODOT closed the highway before the slide occurred. 

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