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Multnomah Commissioners Hear Testimony On Gun Restrictions

A couple of dozen Multnomah County residents gave testimony Thursday, at a public hearing on a package of proposed local gun-control measures.

Jenna Passalacqua lost her mother, Cindy Yuille, at the Clackamas Town Center Shootings in December .

“I’m here this morning to encourage you to take action to reduce gun violence so that others in our communities don’t have to suffer as we did.”

Passalacqua and others thanked county commissioners for the proposal.  But some at the hearing, including Norwood Chapman, said it impinges on the second amendment.

“Let’s enforce the laws that are on the books and not take any more rights away from the law-abiding, who could have possibly helped prevent some of the tragedies that we’ve heard about here today.”

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal to fire a gun within the county,  not to report a stolen gun, and to allow a child to possess a gun without the owner’s permission. 

It would also ban the possession of a loaded gun in public, and set a curfew for minors.

Exemptions are included for hunters, law enforcement, some government employees and people with concealed weapons licenses.

Four different gun-control bills are being considered in the state senate, to expand background checks and restrict carrying.

The county ordinance was written to follow state changes. Commissioners will take their final vote on the package next week.

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