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Commissioners Plan Vote On Resolution Asking Cogen To Resign

Multnomah County commissioners plan to vote on a resolution asking embattled county chair, Jeff Cogen, to resign.

Cogen admitted last week to a lengthy affair with county health policy director, Sonia Manhas.

Manhas submitted her resignation Wednesday.  In a message to colleagues, she says county officials forced her to resign.

Multnomah County also announced that the Oregon Attorney General has launched an investigation to determine whether any laws were broken as a result of the affair.

David Austin, the county’s communications director, said, “The district attorney and sheriff’s statement want to ensure the matter is a completely fair and impartial review by an outside agency.”

Meanwhile, the resolution proposed by Cogen’s fellow county commissioners says his relationship with Manhas “diminished his ability to provide leadership.”

It says the affair caused the appearance of inappropriate influence in county business.