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Multnomah County Sheriff Halts Washington Concealed Handgun Applications

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office says it will temporarily suspend the processing of new concealed handgun license applications for Washington residents doing business on this side of the river.

The map below shows Oregon’s concealed handgun permit numbers by county. The number of permits increase in red shaded areas and decrease in areas of grey shades. All permit numbers are provided by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Office as of February 2013. Please click on county to view numbers.

Lt. Steve Alexander is a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. 

He says the office has been inundated with new applications over the last 6 months.

Alexander says the county has just three employees processing more than 2500 new applications  — and that’s a backlog of about 4 months.

“So the sheriff made the decision to go ahead and focus on Multnomah County resident applications, try and reduce that backlog, and then we’ll re-open the process for Washington State residents who have business here in Oregon.”

Oregon law allows sheriffs to issue concealed handgun licenses to residents of Washington, Nevada, Idaho and California so long as they have a “compelling business interest or other legitimate demonstrated need”.

Alexander says new applications received from Washington residents after April 17th will be returned to sender.  Concealed handgun license renewals will continue to be processed.