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Multnomah County Sheriff Skipper To Retire In November

Multnomah County will be looking for a new sheriff soon. April Baer reports that Bob Skipper will retire November 5th. 

Skipper returned from retirement last winter to fill the sheriff''s office during a transitional period, but didn't pass state certification tests.

They're required for anyone who's taken years off from law enforcement.

As recently as last week, Skipper was in talks with the state's certification agency, trying to find a way to stay in office, but officials said their hands were tied. 

Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler thanked Skipper for his service.

Ted Wheeler  "He came out of retirement to serve as Multnomah County Sheriff because we need him. And he brought a lot of integrity and stability to the Sheriff's office. And now that he's returning to his well-deserved retirement, he deserves our gratitude for a job well done."

Wheeler promises elections to pick a replacement to serve out Skipper's term, then later for a permanent office-holder. 

Lt. Dan Station will be in charge starting November 5th.

Wheeler says he'll ask a County Charter review commission to revisit how succession works for offices like the Sheriff's. He thinks it could be smoother.

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