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Musicians Invited To Check Out Affordable Care Options

Tonight state officials and a local non-profit are inviting metro-area musicians to come with questions about the Affordable Care Act.

Musicians often go without health insurance. Record producer, engineer, and former Dharma Bums singer Jeremy Wilson can say this from experience. he’s been self-employed since his teens. And he has a heart condition that’s required four surgeries. He’s been unable to qualify for insurance because of that pre-existing condition.

Wilson says he has questions about whether the new system will be affordable for everyone. But he’s definitely going to sign up.

“I’m going to find out exactly what I need to do,” Wilson says. “This is going to be the first time I’m going to have access to a regular policy. It’s not like I didn’t have insurance cause I didn’t want to pay for it - I didn’t even qualify for it!”

The state has opened registration so that Oregonians with low income, and/or pre-existing conditions, can sign up for insurance plans under a state-sponsored exchange market. Not everyone’s been able to start their policies, due to technical glitches.

Wilson’s non-profit foundation teamed up with the Doug Fir lounge to host this evening’s town hall for musicians.

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