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Nader Throws Support Behind Mayor Once Lauded By Romney

Three-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader made an announcement in Portland Tuesday about the 2012 race for the White House.

Nader says he’s backing former Salt Lake mayor, Rocky Anderson, because he thinks Anderson can help build a progressive movement with his candidacy.

Nader explained, “Rocky Anderson is embarking on a demonstration of conscience.”

That’s not the only national figure who’s backed Anderson.

In a YouTube video from 2003, Mitt Romney declared, “He’s innovative, he’s gutsy, and he’s a team-builder.”

Romney endorsed Anderson for a second term as Salt Lake mayor, after the two collaborated on the Olympics.

Anderson said in Portland that Romney has changed since then. Anderson’s presidential run takes aim at the power of the two major parties.

Anderson told reporters, “That’s what’s become of our democracy. It’s not only anemic, it’s dead.”

Anderson and Nader want a slate of local presidential debates. Such events could put Anderson on stage with his old friend, Mitt Romney.

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