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Navigators At Cover Oregon Haven't Been Paid In Months

Executives sorting out problems at Cover Oregon say about a thousand navigators haven’t been paid, some of them in months.

Navigators help people buy health insurance by guiding them through the troubled website.

West Linn insurance agent Steve Cox estimates he’s owned at least $7,000 from processing up to 200 claims.

“I’ve been in the insurance business almost 30 years and I’m not used to doing it for nothing,” he said.

“But there’s laws also. There’s laws, you’ve got to pay people in a reasonable time. The contract says within 30 days you’ll be paid. Well last time I looked it was seven months.”

Cover Oregon’s interim director Clyde Hamstreet said approximately $900,000 is owed to agents. 

Four staff members have been hired to sort out the payments.

Cover Oregon also just signed a new $2.9 million contract with Deloitte Consulting — to figure out how much extra work might be needed to transition to the federal website and the Oregon Health Authority.

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