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NCAA Considers Rule Changes For Major Conferences

This week’s vote changing rules for college sports may provide more money to athletes at the biggest universities in the Northwest. But nothing is settled yet.

The vote allows universities in the nation’s five biggest conferences - including the Pac-12 - to follow different rules from other colleges. What specific rules would be affected hasn’t been spelled out.

Oregon State University president Ed Ray recently led the NCAA’s executive committee. He says the first change would likely involve money for scholarship athletes. 

“I think the cost of attendance is going to be first and foremost. I know we as the Pac-12, we’re going to make sure we’re putting resources at the conference level, to contribute to research around concussions, around equipment and safety,” Ray said.

Some argue the pending changes will put smaller colleges at even more of a competitive disadvantage - and NCAA members could still overrule the big conferences.

Ed Ray notes that years ago, similar rule changes for more universities - were overruled.

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