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New Bus Route To Connect Portland And Seaside

Starting Sunday, a 51 seat bus will make two daily round trips between Portland and the North Oregon Coast.

ODOT spokeswoman, Shelley Snow, said the 'Public Oregon Intercity Transit system' is expanding its service between Portland and Seaside - via Astoria.

"It's giving people options that they've not had before. You know especially if you don't want to take a vehicle, or if you don't have a vehicle, or if you're not able to drive a vehicle. You could actually do a day trip out to the coast or vice versa if you live out on the coast come into Portland for the day and then turn around and head back in the evening and not have the extra expense of having to stay overnight," she said

Tickets are between $6 and $18.  That'll pay about 70 percent of the cost of the expanded service.

Snow said Greyhound and the federal transit authority will pick up the rest of the tab in the hope it'll soon start paying for itself.

Public Oregon Intercity Transit

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