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Portland Development Commission Picks New Director

Kimberly Branman is the PDC's pick for new executive director.

Kimberly Branman is the PDC’s pick for new executive director.

Courtesy PDC

Portland’s urban renewal and economic development agency could soon have a new leader.

The Portland Development Commission board has offered the agency’s executive director position to Kimberly Branam. She’s served as deputy director of the PDC since 2011. 

PDC public affairs manager Shawn Uhlman said Branam helped craft the agency’s current strategic plan.

“A lot of that focus is on equity and ensuring that what’s happening in Portland is benefiting all Portland and not just a select few,” Uhlman said. “That’s been an absolute passion for her for a number of years.” 

The PDC’s former director Patrick Quinton decided to step down earlier this year to pursue other opportunities. 

If she accepts the job, 37-year-old Branam will be the youngest, and only the second female, to lead the commission.

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