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New Drug Hits The Portland High School Scene

Lincoln High School in Portland is warning parents about a new drug that appears to be growing in popularity. As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, it’s not illegal.

The drug is known locally as “sunshine” and comes in the form of a white powder.

Local use was first reported in Bend this spring, but now seems to have spread to Portland.

Lincoln High School principal Peyton Chapman says it’s not a big problem, but she wanted to make sure families knew about it.  

Peyton Chapman: “We want to make sure that it doesn’t take hold in our community. And if we can kind of shut down small use now, it’s so much easier than trying to wrestle with something that’s gotten too big.”

Sunshine is believed to be the local name for mephedrone, which is a plant food — like Miracle-Grow.

Elsewhere it’s known as meow meow, star dust, drone or bubble.

The DEA reports 19 plastic bags of it were found in Bend last year.

Mephedrone’s use worldwide has increased — largely because it’s not a controlled substance. But countries like the UK have now made it illegal.

Physical symptoms of use include agitation, a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, chest pains and seizures.

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