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New Era Begins In Clackamas County

Monday ushers in a new regime in Clackamas County government. 

On the same Election Night that President Obama showed the strength of an incumbent Democrat, nationally, two Republicans in Clackamas County gave the GOP reason for optimism. The five-member county board is technically non-partisan, but the election results now give Republicans a majority.

Former Wilsonville mayor, John Ludlow, defeated sitting county chair, Charlotte Lehan. And, former state legislator Tootie Smith beat out incumbent commissioner, Jamie Damon. Ludlow and Smith get officially sworn in tonight in Oregon City.

The victors said they shared voters’ criticism of the old county board’s approach to issues like urban renewal, light rail, and the Sellwood Bridge in Portland.

Ludlow and Smith will join incumbent commissioner Paul Savas, who’s also a Republican.

There’s one other new commissioner taking the oath of office tonight. She’s familiar, though. Martha Schrader served as Clackamas County commissioner from 2003 to 2009, before leaving for the Oregon senate. Voters returned the Democrat to the county commission in the May election.

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