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New Handgun Policies for National Parks In Effect

New policies are in effect for people who want to carry concealed weapons in national parks in Oregon and Washington. April Baer reports.

In a sense, the change isn’t that much of a change. Congress passed a law last year reversing a long-standing policy prohibiting handguns in national parks. Now, the Parks will more or less revert to state handgun policy.

In Oregon, you can carry a concealed weapon with a permit from your county.

Michael Justin at Crater Lake National Park says there’s one exception to keep in mind.

Michael Justin: “You should not bring weapons into a federal building of sorts. In our case here, the basic buildings covered under that would be our visitors’ centers, and other areas where there’s a public interaction with federal personnel, such as our park rangers.”

The National Parks’ campgrounds are still a gray area. It’s not immediately clear whether they’re considered “structures”.

Policy for campgrounds is under review within the Parks’ service.

April Baer, OPB News.