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New Head Of Oregon GOP Says Republicans Are United

The Oregon Republican Party elected Suzanne Gallagher as its new chair over the weekend.

Suzanne Gallagher

Suzanne Gallagher

Julie Sabatier/OPB

She appeared on OPB’s Think Out Loud Monday. Asked how she plans to address divisions in the party, she responded that her party is, for the most part, united.

“We agree with all Republicans about our core values,” she said. “Now not every single platform plank is supported by every single member of the Republican Party, and we all know that. That’s true of every organization. But for the most part, we all agree on the main thing. And that’s what we need to do is keep those core principles up front.”

She said those “core principles” include support for individual liberties, free markets and broad agreement about the proper role of government. Gallagher is from Tigard. She’s a former legislative candidate.

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