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New Health Care Groups Share Updates On Progress

The state’s new Coordinated Care Organizations outlined some of their problems and successes for the Oregon Health Policy Board on Tuesday.

Oregon now has 15 Coordinated Care Organizations, covering about 600,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan. CCOs have only been running for three months at the most.  The Health Policy Board asked for a report on how things are going.

Board Director Bruce Goldberg said he’s hearing a lot of enthusiasm. “I think for the first time people in communities feel empowered and feel like they can begin to do this. And at the same time. I’m hearing a lot of challenges. That time is short, resources is short and we’ve been on a very fast track.”

Goldberg says it’ll be a year, at least, until Oregon will be able to definitively know whether CCOs have reduced the cost of health care and improved health outcomes.

Meanwhile, at the meeting CCO managers said they were having problems with misaligned boundaries — for example: a Hood River patient who used to travel west to Portland for care, is now being asked to travel east to see a local practitioner.

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