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New Oregon GOP Chair Thinks Voters Need More Choices

Oregon Republicans have a new party chair. Over the weekend, Art Robinson was elected to replace Suzanne Gallagher. She stepped down in the face of a recall vote, after less than a year in the job.

Robinson is a southern Oregon chemist who challenged Congressman Peter DeFazio in 2010 and 2012. One of his jobs will be to recruit candidates who can win office in Oregon. On Monday’s Think Out Loud, Robinson said he thinks voters need a broader selection of candidates to choose from.

“We have the career people, and they’re useful, and they’re of course choosing now what they’ll run for next, whether it’s the office they have or a new one. Then we have the self-selected people who step up and say we’d like to have this office, and we get some very good candidates that way. And I think we should add more, in searching for candidates as well, so that our party fields the best possible people. This third element is one we don’t emphasize as much, and I think it would benefit us to emphasize that, too,” he said.

You can hear the complete program re-broadcast online on the Think Out Loud page of our website.

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