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New Parking Requirements Approved By Portland Planning Commission

Portland’s planning commission sent to City Council Tuesday new parking requirements for big apartment buildings.

Apartment building in Hollywood neighborhood under construction.

Apartment building in Hollywood neighborhood under construction.

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

Portland rules had allowed apartment buildings with no on-site parking, if they were along frequent transit lines or in some commercial areas.

Planners now support mandating at least one parking space for every four units — for buildings with at least 40 apartments. Buildings could have fewer spaces, if they offered extra bike parking or car-share vehicles, or if residents could use off-street parking nearby.

Portlander Alan Field called the recommended code changes a “good start.”

Alan Field: “But I think they don’t go far enough. The problem is you’re going to have developers build up to 40 units and avoid the parking requirement. And the big issue is the cumulative effect – that’s what hammers the neighborhood.”

Mayor Charlie Hales told planning commissioners the city council wanted to act “promptly.” But former Metro councilor, Rex Burkholder urged restraint.

Rex Burkholder: “This is an issue that is — I think — maybe overblown, a bit?”

Others argued that the parking changes aren-t going far enough.

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