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New Planned Parenthood Facility Attracts Protestors

The groundbreaking for a new Planned Parenthood facility drew dozens of outraged protesters to Northeast Portland Wednesday. Rob Manning reports.


On streets surrounding the gated construction site, dozens of people held signs opposing abortion. Organizer Bill Diss says the message is not complicated.

Diss: "Basically, Planned Parenthood kills babies, it’s that simple."

Planned Parenthood officials emphasize "women’s health," rather than abortion. But Columbia-Willamette branch president, David Greenberg, did not seem interested in placating the protesters. As people shouted from a hundred feet away, Greenberg offered using protesters as a fundraising tactic.

Greenberg: "You have a way to celebrate Planned Parenthood and recognize their participation in the event. <distant shout: 'thank your mother you were born!'> We have a program called 'pledge a picketer'.” <cheers>

Planned Parenthood has raised $9.5 million dollars toward its $12.5 million dollar building cost.

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