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New Portland Clinic Serves Mental, Physical Health With One Door

Oregon Health and Science University and Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare opened a new clinic in Portland Friday to provide both mental and physical health services.

The clinic aims to battle the stigma that sometimes surrounds mental health. OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond’s Executive Director, Erwin Teuber says the clinic has one entrance, meaning nobody’s going to know if a patient is coming in for a mental or a physical problem.

Teuber said, “We’re kind of taking physical medicine out of its silo and mental health out of its silo and putting the two of them into the same silo, if you will.”

Breaking down the barriers between medical disciplines is a key aspect of Gov. John Kitzhaber’s health care reforms. The hope is that by treating patients for every ailment they suffer - from dental to physical and mental — not only will their health improve, but the system will also save money.

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