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New Psychological Exam Ordered For Death Row Inmate

A Salem judge has set a date for a psychological evaluation of convicted murderer, Gary Haugen. Lawyers settled a number of technical issues at a hearing Thursday.

Haugen will be examined by forensic psychologist, Richard Hulteng at the Oregon State Penetentiary on August 23rd. The doctor will then produce a report for a competency hearing in September. That’s when Marion County Judge Joseph Guimond is expected to decide again on whether to authorize Haugen’s execution by lethal injection.

Haugen has repeatedly declared his desire to be executed and has fired attorneys for trying to stop him. Those attorneys had also filed a motion to disqualify Judge Guimond from the case.

Judge Jamese Rhodes has been sitting in for Guimond. Haugen’s attorney told her the dismissal motion will be withdrawn. Haugen then thanked her for her work.

“I think you’ve been most gracious and very very patient in this matter and I can’t express my appreciation and gratitude for that from you.”

Judge Guimond had originally scheduled Haugen’s execution for August 16th. But the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the date be cancelled and that Haugen have a psychological evaluation.

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