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Oregon Report Cards Show Mixed Results

Oregon schools saw mixed results on the latest statewide report card released Thursday morning.

Michael Clapp/OPB

The proportion of schools rated “outstanding” rose — but so did the percentage of schools “needing improvement,” according to the state. Roughly one in ten schools received that lowest rating, but the results were worse for high schools: more than three in ten were labeled “needing improvement.”

But test score requirements changed from last year. And because the report card criteria are expected to change again for next year, officials say it’s hard to put this year’s results in context. Matt Shelby is with Portland Public Schools.

Shelby said, “I would say this year, more than any year, these are really ‘conversation starters.’ So, if parents have questions, have concerns about the grade that their child’s school received – dig a little deeper.”

School crossing sign

School crossing sign

Rebecca Roberts Galloway/OPB

Shelby says for instance, one Portland school received a “needs improvement” rating because it needed a few more students to take one of the standardized tests.

Oregon is revising the state report card. Officials want to align it with education reform steps, such as the new achievement compacts between districts and the state.

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