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New Ruling Could Cost BPA More Than $60M

A new ruling could cost the Bonneville Power Administration more than $60 million. The case dates back to the energy crisis of 2000.

An administrative law judge with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has concluded that energy wholesalers manipulated electricity markets and overcharged customers in California. What was called an “energy crisis” 13 years ago forced customers in the Golden State to endure blackouts and rising electricity prices.

Once the lights stopped flickering, the lawsuits started. Many were settled. Officials with former Enron subsidiary, Portland General Electric say its cases were settled in 2007.

This recent ruling is expected to return about one-point-six billion dollars to California ratepayers.

The tab for Bonneville Power Administration is $59.5 million – not including interest, which BPA officials say could be significant.

The judge’s decision is next headed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If supported, energy producers could challenge it in court.

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