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'Nine Months To A Year' For Oregon To Recover To Pre-Recession Job Levels

Over the next couple of months, the U.S. economy is expected to regain all the jobs lost during the recession.

The private sector is already back. But employment in the government sector remains below peak levels.

In Oregon, it’s a different story.

Josh Lehner, an economist with the Oregon office of Economic Analysis says it’ll likely be nine months to a year before the state is back to the job levels seen in early 2008.

“In Oregon we had a much deeper great recession than the average state,” said Lehner. 

“We lost two to two-and-a-half percent more jobs than the nation overall. And while we’re growing faster today than the average state, we have more ground to make up and so we’re still a couple of percentage points below the pre-recession levels.”

Oregon’s unemployment rate is 6.9 percent.

The national rate is 6.7 percent. 

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