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No Parking: LUBA Reverses Apartment Building Permit

Opponents of the big apartment projects going up around Portland without on-site parking have won a victory in the state’s land-use court.

Apartments under construction in the Richmond neighborhood of Portland.

Apartments under construction in the Richmond neighborhood of Portland.

Richard Melo/Richmond Neighbors for Responsible Growth

The Land Use Board of Appeals reversed the permit Portland issued for an 81-unit apartment building on Southeast Division. Parking was not part of the case. The hot-button issues of traffic and building size were part of the appeal, but LUBA’s reversal focused narrowly on the location of the project’s entrances.

Julie Fitzwater is with Richmond Neighbors for Responsible Growth – a neighborhood group concerned about several big apartment projects in the area.

“Hopefully, this victory is like a starting point for being able to do a better review of what’s going in, in our communities,” Firzwater said.

At first, Portland’s land use manager, Rebecca Esau said work would continue, but late Friday she said it would stop.

Esau says the city is not planning to appeal. She says the developers can submit a new permit application, but they have to first contact the local neighborhood association.

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