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Nonprofit Group Raising Funds For Klamath County Trapper

A nonprofit group in Klamath County is raising money to pay the county trapper. Advocates for Sustainable Animal Population are putting on a banquet, auction, and raffle to raise the funds.

The trapper is responsible for protecting pets and livestock in the county from predators like cougars and coyotes.

Klamath County will no longer fund the trapper position.

The group’s goal is to raise $66,000 to fund the position for another year. Then the nonprofit hopes to put a measure on next year’s May ballot, establishing a permanent tax fund to support the trapper position.

The group’s president, Ken Hand, says the tax district will likely be for rural parts of the county.

The taxing district that they’re looking at will take out all of the city properties and anything that’s within an urban growth boundary, and tax mostly agricultural land,” Hand said.

Hand says the group has previously raised funds to keep the trapper position active; but, so far, they’ve only raised about fourteen thousand dollars towards their new goal.

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