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Nordstrom Changes Stance On Clackamas Mall Workers' Pay

Customers and workers at the Clackamas Town Center Nordstrom store have gotten the retailer to change its stance on pay for workers affected by last week’s shooting.

A Nordstrom salesman complained on Facebook over the weekend that workers weren’t getting paid for the two days the mall was closed. And, workers were getting paid at a reduced rate for the hours when the shooter had effectively shut down the mall.

At first, Nordstrom officials responded to customer questions on Facebook by saying they were looking into the matter. Then Monday afternoon, Nordstrom spokeswoman Tara Darrow said the company has reversed course and will give workers paid time off for the lockdown period and the days the mall was closed.

“We got some feedback from our employees and customers over the weekend, and it’s something that we felt that this was such a unique situation that we had to revisit the policy we had in place,” she said.

Darrow said Nordstrom handles pay during store closures on a case-by-case basis. She says this week’s decision only applies to the town center shooting. But she says they’re reviewing procedures for future emergencies.

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