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North Portland Magnet Program To End But Schools Will Stay Open

Board members for Portland Public Schools agreed Monday night to close a magnet program in North Portland. But they stopped short of closing a school building, as first recommended by staff and the superintendent.

Ockly Green

Ockly Green

Sloan Chambers/OPB

The arts and technology magnet program at Ockley Green will close at the end of this school year, under the board’s resolution.

The district has been struggling for months with how to balance out school enrollments in North Portland.  

Some schools are overcrowded and others are at half-capacity. But school buildings that could have been closed under earlier proposals - such as Chief Joseph, Vernon, and Woodlawn - are all staying open.

Board members also voted in support of Superintendent Carole Smith’s plan to take on two issues that could prove controversial across the Portland district: transfer policies and school boundaries.


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