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Northwest Fruit Companies Dump Old Crop Apples

Apples on the ground at a Stemilt Growers orchard near Quincy, Washington.

Apples on the ground at a Stemilt Growers orchard near Quincy, Washington.

Courtesy of Bob Mathison

Tree fruit companies are dumping some old crop apples on the ground, but probably not near the amounts they dumped two years ago.

Doug England, manager of Manson Fruit Cooperative, said no one likes to talk about it but companies dump fruit every year because processors are more strict about not taking any decay in apples culled out on packing lines. He said the cooperative dumped about 200 tons this season.

A little bit is dumped all season but it can be more at the end of the season, he said.

England said he knows of no fruit good enough for packing that has been dumped but that it could happen.

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