Thousands of people took to the streets of downtown Portland on Presidents Day for a day of protesting actions taken by the Trump Administration.

Several people were arrested in Presidents Day protests in downtown Portland Monday.

There were essentially two demonstrations - one with a permit, and one without.

The smaller, unpermitted rally numbered a couple of hundred people, who mostly tried to occupy streets. But they were closely followed by vans of riot police who made tactical arrests.

Sarah Armstrong with the ACLU condemned the Portland Police Bureau’s use of force in their response to the protests on Presidents Day was shameful. She said officers should de-escalate situations, not escalate them. And that there’s no need to meet civil disobedience with violence.

While several people were arrested in connection with the unpermitted protest, the larger, permitted rally had a couple of thousand attendees with limited police presence and a march through downtown.

Retired school lunch lady Robin Anderson was at the permitted rally and wants both Democratic and Republican party leaders to block the president. “They know that Trump is not right for the office,” she said. 

“His cabinet is not right for the office. He’s tried to separate everyone into us and them. And it’s scary. I, among a lot of people, cannot sleep at night.”

Large protests were held in several other American cities in a day of planned “Not My Presidents Day” protests against the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted out a message of celebration on the national holiday.