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Alaska Murder Suspect Commits Suicide, Confessed To Other Crimes

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Investigators in Alaska are looking into whether a confessed killer has connections to murders in the Northwest and around the country. Israel Keyes died Sunday of an apparent suicide in an Anchorage jail cell after admitting to murdering a barista named Samantha Koenig and a Vermont couple.

About 6:30 Sunday morning the Alaska State Troopers Alaska Bureau of Investigation got a call about Keyes’ death.

Kevin Feldis is with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Anchorage. He is part of the team that has been interrogating Keyes. He says, in discussion with investigators, Keyes confessed to the kidnapping and murder of Koenig. Keyes abducted Koenig from the Common Grounds Coffee Stand in Anchorage on Feb. 1.

Feldis says Keyes also admitted to killing Bill and Lorraine Courier, a couple from Essex, Vermont. And Feldis says, Keyes admitted to killing at least five others.

“The names of those victims he would not identify nor would he identify where they were originally from,” Feldis said. “So we don’t know if they were from Washington or perhaps one of the surrounding states.”

Feldis says, conversations with Keyes supplied investigators with many helpful details that they will use to continue their investigation into his other crimes.

The FBI has compiled the records of Keyes’ movements based on travel documents, purchases and financial transactions to try to track every place he’s been in the past decade. They hope the travel timeline will provide clues to the crimes that Keyes implied he’d committed.

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