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Former Oregon Republican House Speaker Remembered

Oregon Secretary of State


SALEM, Ore. - Oregon lawmakers are remembering a former Speaker of the House known for his kindness and devotion to public service.

Lynn Lundquist died Tuesday at his home in Powell Butte, Oregon. He was 78.

Mike McLane is the current state representative from Lundquist’s district in central Oregon. He told colleagues Lundquist was generous not only as a political mentor but as a neighbor too.

“If you were going to burn a fence line, he was there to help with the best sprayer in the county,” McLane said. “He was that way.”

Lundquist led the Oregon House from 1997 to 1999, when the chamber was closely divided. He was seen as a moderate Republican and went on to found the Oregon Business Association.

No cause of death has been released yet.

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