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Gay Marriage Opponents In Wash. Not Ready To Concede

LYNNWOOD, Wash. - Supporters of same sex marriage in Washington declared victory Tuesday. But opponents of gay marriage are not prepared to concede defeat on the statewide Referendum 74. They point out that there are more than a million ballots yet to be counted.

Nonetheless, Preserve Marriage Washington chairman Joseph Backholm has considered why he may end up on the losing side. Last night, he said the result has a lot to do with being vastly outspent.

“If we had $14 million and they had $2 million, would this have been different? You can make that argument pretty well, I think.”

Earlier Tuesday, a national group opposed to gay marriage conceded defeat in all four states where the issue was on the ballot, including Washington. The National Organization for Marriage was the biggest funder of the Reject 74 campaign.

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