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Lawsuit Challenges Eyman Anti-Tax Measure

Opponents of an anti-tax initiative to amend Washington state’s constitution are filing a lawsuit to prevent the measure from appearing on the November ballot.

Tim Eyman’s most recent initiative would require a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature on any tax increase. It’s not the first effort to do so. The state Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that this rule would be unconstitutional.

When a group of state lawmakers tried again this past session, Lt. Gov. Brad Owen said the same.

But this measure would force the Legislature to change the state’s constitution. If not, they’d have to reduce state sales tax. That’s because citizens can’t amend the state’s constitution.

Opponents say the initiative is “blackmail,” and the ballot process was never intended as way to change the state’s constitution. But the group behind Eyman’s initiative says it’s dangerous to interfere with the initiative process.

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