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Marijuana Advocates Push Legalization Measure In Salem

Wikimedia, Petr Brož


  SALEM, Ore. – Marijuana advocates are taking their message to the Oregon capitol. A legislative panel will consider a measure Tuesday that would legalize and tax the drug. It comes as Washington state is in the process of crafting rules about how to regulate pot after voters there approved legalization.

Still, Anthony Johnson knows he’s asking a lot.

“I understand that this is a heavy lift for the legislature to pass this bill this year,” he says.

But Johnson, who heads a political action committee called New Approach Oregon, figures lawmakers will at least consider recreational marijuana now that it’s legal in Washington.

“Our neighbors to the north are going to start collecting taxes from Oregon residents who are purchasing marijuana.”

Oregon voters rejected a legalization ballot measure last fall. But Johnson says this bill is more restrictive. It would allow more direct state control over the production and distribution of the drug.

Meanwhile in Idaho, the legislature has declared its opposition to all uses of pot.

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