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Marijuana Buffer Zone Will Not Be Measured 'As The Crow Flies'


Washington’s Liquor Control Board has come up with a new way to measure the 1,000 foot buffer zone required between marijuana businesses and places where kids congregate. The new method of measurement may allow pot stores in neighborhoods otherwise thought to be off limits.

Instead of “as the crow flies,” they talk about the most common walking route you would take. So, for instance a thousand foot buffer from a school, leave the school campus and walk to where the store would be using the most common walking route. If that’s a 1,000 feet or more, you’re okay.

The new way of measuring the buffer is included in the latest draft rules for marijuana businesses in Washington. The state is setting up a recreational pot market because of a ballot initiative approved by voters last year. The new rules also limit the number of retail outlets to 334 statewide.

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