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Parents Of Idaho POW Call For Diplomatic Solution With Taliban

Jessica Robinson, Northwest News Network


The parents of America’s only prison of war in the current conflict with Afghanistan are urging the U.S. to reach a peace agreement with the Taliban and bring their son home. The end of June marks the fourth year Idaho soldier Bowe Bergdahl has been in captivity.

On Saturday his parents spoke out at a rally Bowe’s hometown held in his honor.

Jani and Bob Bergdahl talk of a son who sought adventure in travels around the world. At 20, they say, he took apart and rebuilt his 1978 KZ-1000 motorcycle.

It was the same bike Bob Bergdahl rode into town, along with hundreds of POW advocates who rode motorcycles from as far away as Illinois. These supporters say Bowe’s captivity has received little attention.

His father, Bob, told the crowd he wants his son home. “A father does not leave his son alone on the battlefield. I do not live here, I live in Afghanistan. My cell phone is set on Afghan time. My weather is Afghan weather. I might be standing here, but I am living vicariously through my son.”

The recent news that the Taliban is open to a prisoner swap has given Bergdahl’s friends and family hope that this will be the year he returns.

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