Is the tax on legal marijuana in Washington too high?

A legislative panel will consider a proposal Monday to reduce the tax from 37 percent down to 25 percent. It’s just one of dozens of pot-related proposals under consideration this year.

Three years after Washington launched its experiment with legal recreational marijuana, the work continues to regulate, fine-tune and expand this new marketplace.

Pot-related proposals abound this year in the Washington state legislature. From reducing the tax on marijuana to allowing the sale of pot merchandise to piloting a marijuana delivery program in Seattle. And that’s just a sampling.

Last year, the Washington state legislature regulated the medical marijuana industry, signaling the end of the ubiquitous green cross dispensaries. The legislature also overhauled the tax structure for recreational marijuana, collapsing the previous three-tier system into a single point of sale tax.

In a sign of the times, the legislature also formally changed the name of the Liquor Control Board to the Liquor and Cannabis Board.