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Washington Issues Proposed Marijuana Rules

Washington’s Liquor Control Board has issued 46-pages of proposed rules for the new, legal recreational marijuana market. They cover everything from product labeling requirements to whether someone who’s been in trouble with the law can get a license to grow, process or sell marijuana.

The bottom line is a prior criminal record is not necessarily a disqualifier for getting a license to be in the marijuana business, but there will be a point system. For instance, a prior felony in the last ten years probably would disqualify you. Some pot related misdemeanors, they won’t even count against you in the scoring system.

But what’s also noteworthy is what’s not included in these proposed regulations. At this point: no limit on the size of marijuana grows and no limit on the number of licenses that will be issued, although there is a structure that’s set up to create to a lottery system if the number of applications outpaces the anticipated demand for marijuana in the marketplace.

Now that the proposed rules are out, there will be an opportunity for the public and stakeholders to respond. The Liquor Control Board hopes to adopt final rules in late July and start accepting license applications in September.

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